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Today, DIAG brings together a team of experts with decades of experience in the field of international industrial services. The holding company in Essen explores development opportunities in selected markets and organizes partnerships and cooperations for project business all over the world. As a strategic financial holding company, it supports the development of new business models and acquires shareholdings.

Its expertise lies in the areas of oil & gas, renewable energies, mining and infrastructure.   In recent years, DIAG has expanded its portfolio in the fields of aviation, pharmaceuticals and medical technology and is also involved in business approaches relating to hydrogen technologies.

DIAG has established itself as a platform for both old economy companies and promising young companies in Germany and abroad – always committed to decades of tradition.  

DIAG Headquarter

Headquarters with history

DIAG relocated its headquarters from Huttropstrasse in Essen to Hohenzollernstrasse. In doing so, the company is building on its close relationship with the former MAN Ferrostaal AG and has made the former Ferrostaal headquarters its headquarters.


Klaus Lesker Managing Director DIAG

Dr. Klaus Lesker

Managing Partner

Dr. Klaus Lesker, Managing Partner of DIAG since 2018, began his professional career at Dortmund-based Thyssen Krupp Uhde after studying engineering and completing his doctorate at RWTH Aachen University. He then held positions as a board member and CEO at Lurgi, Fresenius and Ferrostaal, among others, for decades. Due to his international experience and extensive expertise, he was appointed CEO of RSBG SE, a subsidiary of the RAG Foundation, in June 2021.


Martin Wiechers Managing Director DIAG

Martin Wiechers

Managing Director

Martin Wiechers, Managing Director of DIAG since 2018, holds an Executive MBA from HEC Paris and has worked in various management positions for the Ferrostaal Group.

After joining DIAG as Managing Director, he brings particular expertise in the areas of BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT | BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION | ESG | Employee Development within the DIAG Group.


DIAG – Shareholdings

DIAG company subsidiary EuroKahn
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Euro Khan has been active in Mongolia since 2011, adding great value through a strong global network of professional services, high quality equipment and investment solutions. Euro Khan works in the mining, water, energy, construction and environmental sectors in Mongolia, which is known for its integrated and diversified portfolio for the growing and emerging industries by bringing high quality international technologies and expertise while providing financing opportunities and own investments for the country’s development, prioritizing quality, health, safety and environment.

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IPS’s activities include the sale, service and repair of most industrial rotary equipment such as axial and centrifugal compressors, screw compressors, reciprocating compressors, blowers, steam turbines, gas expanders, pumps, gearboxes and centrifuges. The focus is on sectors such as power generation, oil and gas, resources, utilities and water, petrochemicals, industrial gases, chemical plants, food and beverage, pulp and paper and manufacturing.

IPS has locations in Western and Eastern Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Kannoli Pharma Logo
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Kannoli Pharma LDA is a new, fast-growing player in the European medicinal cannabis industry based in Portugal. The company will produce high-quality extracts from useful plants for medical applications. Kannoli’s mission is to effectively alleviate human diseases and ailments with the help of nature.

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X-ZELL is a Singapore-based company of the German cancer researcher Dr. Sebastian Bhakdi. DIAG led the Seed+ round, followed by angel investors from Asia, Europe and the USA. Among the investors is Essex Bio-Technology, a listed biopharmaceutical company based in Hong Kong. X-ZELL is regarded as an exceptionally innovative healthcare technology company. The young company specializes in the early detection of cancer using a new type of blood analysis technology. 


DIAG Aviation Logo
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Shareholding in regional airports 

DIAG Aviation invests in local airports in order not only to modernize and economically operate the airfields themselves, but also to continuously develop adjacent industrial estates and offer an attractive destination for aviation enthusiasts.

Aviation-related industries such as shipyards, transport and service companies from agriculture or regional planning find a new home here, as do logistics companies, ambulance services or air rescue specialists or training units of the German armed forces and police.

Leasing and sale of private jets

On request, DIAG Aviation identifies the range of aircraft available for the respective purpose: thanks to an extensive aviation network and relationships within the industry, DIAG Aviation is able to access exclusive information on aircraft for sale and provide a complete picture of the current market stock and available prices.

DIAG  technical building equipment
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The specialists for technical building services

DIAG TGA, based in Saarland, specializes in the planning, construction, maintenance and servicing of all technical building equipment systems. From classic air conditioning technology in an office building to process cooling in production plants and applications in nuclear facilities. DIAG TGA implements solutions and provides services for trade and industry. The company is particularly in demand for ventilation and refrigeration technology, and more recently for the standard-compliant testing, refurbishment and replacement of fire dampers containing asbestos in accordance with TRGS519.

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DGI is an industrial service provider and covers the entire value chain of a major project – from project identification, design, feasibility studies and development through to financing and implementation. With decades of experience in the oil & gas, renewable energies, mining and infrastructure sectors. The core competencies lie particularly in the oil & gas business. DGI is a system integrator and EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contractor for a wide range of medium to large oil and gas projects, including the design and construction of offshore modules for floating production, storage and offloading vessels (FPSOs). It also carries out the construction of turnkey collection, pumping and compressor stations, the planning and construction of oil-gas separation plants and oil and gas production facilities.

DGI has developed and implemented projects in Ukraine over the past 10 years. Via the local settlement platform, DGI from Germany offers business partners an infrastructure in Ukraine through which business can be initiated and transacted.

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Green LOHC Pty Ltd (“GLOHC”) is working on technology for an efficient and safe form of transportation and long-term storage of liquid hydrogen. Australia is an excellent testing ground for trialing LOHC technologies as the country is pursuing a “hub and spoke” strategy of establishing a series of green hydrogen production centers on the coast and near large off-grid cities and inland mines that would benefit from easy access to hydrogen.

As GLOHC moves towards market readiness, it is aiming for demonstration projects across Australia to show the role LOHC can play, along with compressed gas and ammonia, in the transportation and storage of hydrogen.

GLOHC has been selected by the Western Australian Government as one of the founding members for the Oakajee Hydrogen Center to be built in the mid-west of the country to take advantage of the world-class wind and solar resources available there.

GLOHC is working with LOHC technology provider Hynertech Co Ltd and engineering consultants Fichtner & Co and Verbrec to complete this demonstration project.

Burmese pavilion in the Rheingau

The Burmese pavilion was originally a gift from the state of Burma, now Myanmar, to the Geisenheim company Fritz Werner. The three-storey building is a replica of a royal reception hall, which was shown as the Burmese exhibition pavilion at Expo 1968 in Montreal. It was erected in the green park of Reichartshausen Castle in 1970/71. After Fritz Werner was sold to Belgium, DIAG took it over in 2018 and lovingly restored it. Today, the exotic building serves as a location in the Rheingau, but is also rented out for celebrations, conferences and meetings.  

Corporate Governance & Compliance

With its individual holdings, DIAG is an internationally active company that can look back on a long history. Social responsibility towards our employees and business partners, customers and investors as well as the general public was and remains of great importance to us.

Good corporate governance forms the basis for our business success and promotes trust in our group of companies.

DIAG Management meeting

The shareholders are committed to:

  • responsible management and control of our company with a focus on long-term value creation,
  • efficient and goal-oriented cooperation between our management and advisory bodies,
  • safeguarding the interests of our employees and business partners,
  • transparency in our communication,
  • appropriate handling of risks.

Every company management of an investment must ensure that employees comply with the law, applicable regulations and standards as well as internal rules in order to prevent damage to the company. The basis for this is an appropriate and effective corporate compliance management system in our portfolio companies. These rules apply to anyone who acts for or on behalf of a DIAG Group company, whether on the basis of an employment relationship, as a consultant or independent sales representative.

Basic attitudes for our business activities are set out in the DIAG Code of Conduct and form the basis of our corporate culture and business relationships.


In the mid-1960s, the German government merged several Berlin-based plant engineering companies, which were at risk of being left behind due to their economic insularity, to form Deutsche Industrieanlagen GmbH. The company relocated its headquarters to the Rheingau at the end of the 1960s. In 1990, today’s MAN SE took over the state-owned company. In 2002, DIAG and MAN GHH Oil&Gas became MAN Ferrostaal Industrieanlagen (FIA). DIAG has been operating as an independent company since 2018. 

DIAG Deutsche Industrieanlagen History
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