Investment in promising business models

With the combined force of its expertise in project development and the handling of major projects in the industrial plant business, DIAG is also involved in new, promising areas beyond its traditional business areas. These include promising business models in aviation, pharmaceuticals, medical technology and hydrogen technology. DIAG is not only interested in the investment, but also in the team behind the business idea and its further development. If required, this offers a platform for the internationalization of business models, access to a high-quality network, sparring for the development of the company or access to other potential investors.

X-Zell: hope for diagnostics

With X-ZELL, DIAG is funding a quantum leap in cancer diagnostics. Under the leadership of German physician Dr. Sebastian Bhakdi, the start-up laboratory in Singapore has developed a method that can detect cancer from body fluids within a few hours. The conventional sequencing of tissue samples usually takes several days. X-Zell began marketing the method with a Frankfurt reference laboratory in fall 2023.  

Medical use of herbal products in Portugal 

In Nazaré, Portugal, DIAG subsidiary Euro Khan is working with Kannoli Pharma to prepare a modular plant for the production of herbal products for the EU healthcare market. With an investment in the double-digit million range, the company wants to initiate its entry into Portugal for medical purposes. The first building units have been completed north of Lisbon in the historic province of Estremadura, creating the conditions for at least 50 new jobs.  

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Hydrogen – transport and storage  

The Green LOHC Pty Ltd (“GLOHC”) under DIAG participation utilizes the ideal conditions in Australia for the production of green hydrogen and, as a result, a particularly efficient and safe form of hydrogen transport and long-term storage. Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHC) are particularly suitable for the storage and transportation of hydrogen. GLOHC was selected by the Western Australian Government as one of the founding members of the Oakajee Hydrogen Center, which is being built in the mid-west of the country.  

Rental and sale of private jets 


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DIAG Aviation identifies the range of aircraft available for the specific purpose on request: using an extensive aviation network and relationships within the industry, DIAG Aviation is able to access exclusive information on aircraft for sale and provide a complete picture of the current market inventory and available prices.  

In addition to inspections and test flights, DIAG Aviation provides expert advice and support throughout the transaction, including financing through its own network of financial institutions - ensuring that every step of the way is secured until successful completion.  

Airfield Schwarze Heide

DIAG has taken over the formerly municipally run Schwarze Heide airfield in Bottrop from the former shareholders. The regional airport under the management of the surrounding towns had increasingly become a loss-making business in recent years. When the municipalities of Dinslaken, Vörde, the district of Wesel and the city of Bottrop wanted to sell their shares, DIAG took over the three-quarters majority. 

With its runway of 1500 meters and the designated commercial area, the airfield on the edge of the northern Ruhr region is ideally suited for ambitious further development. The airfield is to become an alternative to Düsseldorf Airport for business travelers and private pilots: service-oriented, centrally located and well connected in the vicinity of one of Europe's largest industrial conurbations.   

Aviation-related industries such as shipyards, transport and service companies from agriculture or regional planning will find a new home here, as will logistics companies or air rescue specialists or training units of the German armed forces and police.  

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