Revamp of a gas compressor station – ensured gas supply

DGI provides the processing platform for business in Ukraine

In spite of the war and the associated difficulties, DIAG's subsidiary DG Industries completed an important project for Ukraine. After almost seven years of construction, a compressor station for the Soyuz gas pipeline was handed over to the operating company at the beginning of 2024. The new plant is much more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. DG Industries has the necessary infrastructure and permits in Ukraine to develop and implement complex projects from abroad and sees itself in a position to build bridges in two senses, not least with regard to the reconstruction of the country.


Pipeline booster compressor station (best practice) for the modernization of gas pipelines, lump-sum-turnkey-contract




DG Industries

Contract value

52 million EUR


Study on project feasibility and EPCC:

  • Renewal of the gas turbine
  • Modernization of the compressor
  • Upgrade of the combustion system
  • Improvement of station supply and modernization of auxiliary equipment.


 max. 90 MMSCMD Gas Output

Special features

The project was able to demonstrate the positive impact of selected Western European technology solutions that can enable the modernization of the Soyuz pipeline (see feasibility study "TEO"). „TEO“)

Follow-up contract

in preparation

All large-scale projects

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